Republicans running for elected office in Buncombe County

US Senate Ted Budd

US House District 11 Chuck Edwards


NC Supreme Court Seat 3 Richard Dietz

NC Supreme Court Seat 5 Trey Allen


NC Court of Appeals Seat 8 Julee Tate Flood

NC Court of Appeals Seat 9 Donna Stroud

NC Court of Appeals Seat 10 John Tyson

NC Court of Appeals Seat 11 Michael J Stading


NC State Senate District 46 Warren Daniel

NC State Senate District 49 John Anderson


NC House District 114 Everett D. Pitillo

NC House District 115 Pratik Bhakta

NC House District 116 Mollie Rose


BC Board of Commissioners D1 Anthony Penland

BC Board of Commissioners D2 Robert Pressley

BC Board of Commissioners D3 Don Yelton


Buncombe County Sheriff  Trey McDonald


Buncombe County School Board

****You will be voting for one representative from each district.

Enka District  Kim Poteat

Erwin District  Greg Parks

Reynolds District  Sara Disher Ratliff