erratum:  N.C.  Senate District Should read N.C. Senate District 46.

April 26th Speaker

Our Buncombe GOP Men’s Club will be meeting once again on Tuesday April 26th at 6:30 pm at the Buncombe GOP headquarters,  18G Regent Park Boulevard.

Donna Stroud - BallotpediaOur primary speaker will be Donna Stroud, who is a statewide candidate who is running for re-election to her Appeals Court seat here in NC.

Chief Judge Donna Stroud is running for re-election to continue her work enforcing the law as written, upholding the Constitutions of the United States and North Carolina, and ensuring every person in every case is treated fairly.

We will have a number of other candidates for various offices stop by most assuredly and will briefly hear from each of them as well.

Trump Items

Available at 1434 Brevard Road (N.C. 191) catty-corner from Celebrity Hot Dogs.  Open most Saturdays 11 to 5, and sometimes during the week.  Call 828-777-5326 to make sure we are open.

Donations of $2 for each bumper sticker, $10 for each hat or flag, $15 for each t-shirt, $25 for 6 ft. Flag Pole, $75 of each 25 ft. Flag Pole.

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Unclaimed property consists of bank accounts, wages, utility deposits, insurance policy proceeds, stocks, bonds, and contents of safe deposit boxes that typically have been abandoned for one to five years. Funds become unclaimed because the company loses track of the consumer, due to an incorrect address or other missing information.

By law, these funds are escheated, or turned over, to the Department of State Treasurer for safekeeping. As new funds are added, the NC Cash database is updated, which means that your name could be listed right now.

You may be richer than you think!

What is a Natural Born Citizen?

Understanding Citizenship by KrisAnne Hall – Our Founders established the criteria of Natural Born Citizen upon our President for a very important reason. Natural Born Citizen meant, to our framers, a child born of two parents who were citizens of the United States at the time of the birth of that child. If you are not sure of this, or perhaps disagree, please read this article based upon fact & history before you go on:

A person who is born of just one parent who is a citizen of the United States is a citizen by birth, but not Natural Born Citizen. Someone cannot hold or have held dual citizenship with a foreign country and be a Natural Born Citizen. The fact that we are confused by this qualification, or perhaps even wish to alter this qualification, must be because we do not understand WHY this qualification was established in the first place. So, before we take a stand either way, we must consider the reasons why this qualification was established by the framers of the American Constitution.

The whole reason the president must be a Natural Born Citizen is because our framers had a history full of foreign kings imposing foreign law and foreign favor upon the people and they knew how dangerous foreign influence was to Liberty. George Washington spent a great bit of effort trying to drive this understanding home in his Farewell Address of 1796:

For more on the subject of Natural Born Citizen view and