Trump Tent on Saturdays

The Buncombe County Republican Men’s Club will be having a Trump Tent with Bumper Stickers, Flags, Hats and T-Shirts on Saturdays.

New Hours: Opens at 11am goes to 5pm or longer.  Unless rain closes us.

Location: 1434 Brevard Road (191) catty corner from Celebrity’s Hot Dogs.

Donations of $2 for each Bumper Sticker, $10 for each Hat or Flag, and $15 for each T-shirt.


The T-Shirts shown below should be in stock by August 21st.


What is a Natural Born Citizen?

Understanding Citizenship by KrisAnne Hall – Our Founders established the criteria of Natural Born Citizen upon our President for a very important reason. Natural Born Citizen meant, to our framers, a child born of two parents who were citizens of the United States at the time of the birth of that child. If you are not sure of this, or perhaps disagree, please read this article based upon fact & history before you go on:

A person who is born of just one parent who is a citizen of the United States is a citizen by birth, but not Natural Born Citizen. Someone cannot hold or have held dual citizenship with a foreign country and be a Natural Born Citizen. The fact that we are confused by this qualification, or perhaps even wish to alter this qualification, must be because we do not understand WHY this qualification was established in the first place. So, before we take a stand either way, we must consider the reasons why this qualification was established by the framers of the American Constitution.

The whole reason the president must be a Natural Born Citizen is because our framers had a history full of foreign kings imposing foreign law and foreign favor upon the people and they knew how dangerous foreign influence was to Liberty. George Washington spent a great bit of effort trying to drive this understanding home in his Farewell Address of 1796:

For more on the subject of Natural Born Citizen view and