Resolution to Close Republican Party Primaries in North Carolina

Resolution to Close Republican Party Primaries in North Carolina

Whereas, the current North Carolina practice of holding open primaries could allow non-Republicans to pick the North Carolina Republican Party candidates for the general election,

Whereas, the North Carolina republican Party CAN CLOSE their primary as per: SS 1163 119 which gives the North Carolina Republican Party the power and right to withdraw its permission for open primaries, and it must do by action of the State Executive Committee, simply by the NC GOP Chairman reporting to the State Board of Elections no later then first day of the December preceding the primary when the withdrawal is to become effective.

Whereas, the groups/parties of voters are as 5/28/22:

Unaffilated 4,760,214

Democratic 2,496,770

Republican 2,201,794

The fastest growing group/party is the Unaffiliated. Why? Because the Unaffiliated can vote in a primary for candidates in the Democratic or the Republican party. If, they had no choice of voting in the Democratic or Republican party primary as Unaffiliated they would HAVE to register as Democratic or Republican to vote in a primary. As Democratic or Republican candidates are the only candidates that can be realistically elected to office and wish to have a say in Democratic or Republican primaries they would have to register as Democratic or Republican. Therefore, INCREASING the size of both parties. A win for both parties.

If, the Republican Party wishes to grow it must CLOSE the primary. As the numbers show die as there is no reason to register as a Republican.

Whereas, the process to re-register as a Republican is as easy as it was to register as an Unaffiliated in the first place.

Whereas, primaries are to elect a parties candidates that will most likely support the principles and platform of the North Carolina Republican Party.

Therefore be it resolved, that upon passage of this Resolution to close Republican primaries in North Carolina, our North Carolina Republican Party Chair will forward a certified letter to the North Carolina Board of Elections stating that the North Carolina Republican Executive Committee has approved the closing of the Republican primaries to all non-republican voters as of the date of said vote.

Fremont V. Brown III, 1434 Brevard Road, Asheville, NC 28806, (8280 777-5326

Destruction of the World Economy

So, one way to destroy the World economy is to create a virus that shuts down most of the worlds production of food, energy, and production of product many people need, etc. to create a high inflation rate which makes the World economy worst.  Supply and demand controls prices, high demand for product but a small supply of product causes prices to raise.

In the USA our government has taken many steps to make life worst for it citizens by shutting down pipelines and oil production and the building of Nuclear plants driving the cost of energy up for all. And then buying oil from the Communists and others that hate us. Therefore helping the Communists and others that hate us. Plus making all kinds of stupid rules that people have lived without just fine for years.

Most of the Worlds problems are created by stupid never held a REAL job government personal and leaders so they can claim to fix problems that would not be unless they created them. Just think of the laws, regulations and rules they make that only make things for you worst that the world did just fine without before they came along.


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